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To achieve change, you need determination, courage, willpower, and time for yourself!

Your first contact I request in writing. Describe your concerns and the change you would like to achieve.
I will contact you in writing within 2 days to let you know if I can work with you and, if so, to schedule the first video conference.

The video conference allows both of us to observe our body language and get to know each other visually because the interpersonal chemistry must be right for a trusting working relationship.

Up to this point, the process is free.

By mutual agreement:

1 weekly mentoring video conference (90 minutes) + 1 written report from both sides.
I attach particular importance to the written report. Here you take time to get to the core of your thoughts because often something hidden comes out when you write.
What has been written can also be reread and reflected upon to analyze the exact essence.

"It's not teaching, it's mentoring!"

Please note, I don't use a sample workbook. I customize my approach to each client.

It is my goal to work as efficiently as possible during our consulting process. This requires a reasonable amount of time and effort for both parties!

Let's get the process started!


1 session as described above, 170,00 Euros

Package of 5 sessions, 765,00 Euros

"You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.”

                                                                                                     (Galileo Galilei 1600AD)

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Online Mentoring 

Please fill in your details below.

Thank's for applying!

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