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Hi, I am Heike and I happily welcome you into my life.

First inside you should know about me,

"I just feel connected to the men's world!"

The reason is simple.

It has always been like this! As a child, there was nothing better for me than being out and about with my father. Construction sites, measuring windows, learning to drive our truck in my early teens, manufacturing and installing our products, always in the men’s team, that was my home, my joy, and my world.

I have always felt comfortable in the world of men and it will never change! As simple as that.

“You cannot ignore or give up your true personality.”

My experience, why men let me coach them.
Quickly and in summary: In men among men, thoughts like rivalry, pride, and hierarchy sometimes pop up unconsciously.
Quote of a male client:

"I don't know why, but I just can't be as open with a man as I can with a woman, with you."

About Me: Willkommen


"The meaning of life is the pursuit of happiness!"

Growing up in a small, rather conservative Swabian village in Germany, I was born in 1967 with wanderlust, adventure, and curiosity in my blood.
I traveled the world, worked as a nurse for Jewish youth in America, lived in South Africa, and call my current home Gozo, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The questions, what does being human mean, what is our task, what keeps us happy and healthy for a lifetime, and finally what is, “the meaning of life?", has accompanied me since I can remember and are questions that we all ask ourselves at some point.

I’ve searched for quite a while and found my answers, which I’m happy to share with you.

In my mentoring, I bring my training in medicine, NLP, and Life coaching with me. However, even more important in my work are all the insights I have learned in my life, both in my personal life and in the different cultures that I lived with.

The years in South Africa, during which I worked among other things, with people affected by murder, rape, child abduction, hunger, and - for us Westerners - almost unimaginable suffering, have changed me and shaped me into the person I am today. I am forever grateful and enjoy every moment of my life.

My conclusion:

When you have your finiteness in front of your eyes and you feel it really deeply, then you realize what life really is and get a sense of what is essential.

This is my life, this is me, Heike

I am pleased to meet you.

"Happiness cannot be achieved through success or wealth, nor can it be eliminated through tragedy.
Real happiness comes from within and is the understanding and training of the mind compared with inner discipline."

                                                                                                                                                        (Heike Orzelek)

About Me: Willkommen

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