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During my work as a mentor and coach, but also privately, I have noticed that more and more men, when they reach a certain age, rethink their lives.

Everything seems to have been achieved, and yet there is this dissatisfaction and this voice in the head

This inner voice becomes stronger and stronger.

The goal is to seek the roots of this internal conflict and find a solution.

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Your Age of Resonance

Midlife-Chaos is a natural process of rethinking your life. You question your life and have doubts. You may be unhappy, feel pain, anger, or sadness, or already suffer from an illness. Do you regret the life choices you have made?

Do you ask yourself, "Have I really lived MY LIFE?"

Is it possible that you have rushed through your life, fulfilling everything that was expected of you?
You have reached a point where suppressed thoughts, feelings, and emotions are coming to the surface. The more you try to ignore them, the stronger they become. This is the law of nature.

Listen carefully, your Inner Engineer is calling.

It may be hard for you, but try to dive below your surface and look at your inner conflicts and patterns. Taking the first step toward change can often prove to be the most difficult. Accept your thoughts and have the strength and willingness to articulate them to come into alignment.

"As long as a journey to the outside is not also a journey to the inside, the thirst is never quenched!"

                  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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... and my passion and unique ability to connect with people in a trusting, meaningful, and individualized way, combined with personal insights from my own global life experiences and my love for people, empowers me to guide you on your desired path. 

Science and Spirit

As a trained medical nurse, international NLP life coach, hypnotherapist, and Reiki practitioner, complemented by my research and study of the human brain, genes, and psychology, I have the tools to release your blocks and guide you to your healthy, happy self.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

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Retreat from your life!

Time is the most precious thing you have! Don't waste your time! Use your time wisely! Take time out to take care of yourself.

Discover your true self.

Provide yourself the zone you need to give this most significant chapter in your life a new awareness.

This will be a challenging and exciting journey.

"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live!"


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Private online/writing mentoring


Spatial distance helps to open up and creates deep trust gradually.

Online communication without borders an opportunity to get in touch with me no matter where you are.


  South Africa/Gozo Island

Exclusive personal manifestation journey.

Change through experience!

South Africa: 9-day-Group-Safari including Cape Town.

Europe: 5-day- Gozo-Trip, the Mystery Island in the Mediterranean.



Alzheimer's begins with your insight!

It's time for new knowledge!

A motivational journey through the brain, life, death, science, and a part of my life.

A talk, not only for the 50+ generation, which will change your life.

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